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Why do we get addicted? No one really knows the true answer. It can be, as we all know, very difficult to give addictions up, so where do we begin and how is it possible for this to happen? To become more self-aware we will need to delve into those corners that have been avoided and see what was... read more »


Stress, Anxiety & Phobias

Stress, anxiety and tension are common problems and about one tenth of the population every year will see their doctor because they feel tense or anxious. Fortunately, instead relying on medication the medical profession have realised there are alternatives. The new approach involves teaching people how to cope, and these methods are similar to learning how to ride a... read more »


Loss & Bereavement

What is loss? It is not only experience of the death of a loved one but numerous other losses throughout our lives. The experience of loss occurs when someone close to us dies, but loss has always been part of life, although we may not have recognised it as such. We live by losing, leaving and letting go. What do... read more »



Depression for many is the elephant in the room, is different for everyone and can be triggered by all sorts of things that have not been dealt with in the past or in the present moment. How we deal with it depends on the severity. We all live very full on, busy lives and things happen that we do... read more »


Adolescents & Young Adults

I can offer you a wide experience (with successful outcomes) within the different roles that I have carried out with young people over the last ten years as many different services needed to be available for them. The problems that you may wish to discuss will be varied so I offer advice on the following: School problems Peer pressure and what... read more »


Sexual Issues

When we look at sexual issues we get all sorts of feelings, judgements, self-judgements, many little voices in our heads and we can experience the ‘Fight, flight or freeze reaction’. These feelings of fear and shame have to deal with so many emotions and sensations racing around the body and, as a result, we don’t know what to do... read more »