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Women's Support Group

What’s love got to do with it?

After many years of counselling individuals, couples and groups, I have decided to apply the insights gained and set up a women’s group to explore all aspects of our experiences of and aspirations for love.

My professional journey started in 1991 co-counselling, then training as a counsellor in 1999 and then gained an Advanced Diploma in 2005 from Exeter University.  Further professional accreditation to The National Counselling Society was awarded in 2018.

I have experienced many years of my own healing journey and personal development, which has been life changing.

My aim is to start a women’s Group within safe guidelines so all can be supported heard and validated.  This will be an environment for self-exploration and inclusion. 

Over the years I have realised the importance of healing ourselves, but this can be so much more powerful and transformative when shared within a safe group.

I would like to invite you for a program of eight sessions.

We will explore love and what it means to you, others and our collective thoughts of love.  Together, we will find what we want from love, what experiences we have had with love and much more.

The space has been created for your upmost support, safety and most importantly the sessions will be held in love.  It will require an open heart and mind or at least a desire to achieve these for your own wellbeing.

The sessions will be held in a comfortable environment and space in the heart of the New Forest.

The New forest location is easy accessible from Winchester and surrounding areas from the Cadnam roundabout junction?

How have you been loved, disappointments, betrayal, hopelessness, heart fell joy, excitement, aliveness, in our own power but not controlling allowing ourselves to enjoy love and love life, live life from our hearts.

+ Dive Deep into your well of emotional release.

+ Join other like-minded women in a safe place to be vulnerable.

+ Allow yourself to be supported, heard, seen without judgements and validated so you can step into the life you want.

+ Also included the exploration of our own journey and self-development to step into the love you want and deserve.

+ What love means to you and the challenges it has and what patterns you fall into.

+ Exploration of the language that is used and associated with love.

+ How have you been loved, felt love and losses of love.

+ the Topics will vary every eight session and this can be discussed in the groups to see what they would like or for me to choose what I feel might benefit the group as a whole.

Starting on 28th February 2024.  This is an eight week course runs every two weeks on a Wednesday evening from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

The venue is the Bell in New Forest, Brook, Lyndhurst SO43 7HF.

Free car parking and Tea and Coffee refreshments can be supplied at an extra cost of £3.50 each.

Its optional no pressure you can bring your own water. No Alcohol recommended beforehand.