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Why do we get addicted? No one really knows the true answer. It can be, as we all know, very difficult to give addictions up, so where do we begin and how is it possible for this to happen? To become more self-aware we will need to delve into those corners that have been avoided and see what was the trigger that may have started it all.

What if I feel that I don’t need these addictions anymore? What are the benefits if I choose to give them up?

Addiction derives from a variety of causes, underlying behaviours and emotions. By developing an understanding of these factors with the help of the therapist, the client can see that he/she has the choice to change their behaviour. At this point the client, with the help of the therapist, can make the decision to change as they come to see that their current behaviour does not work any more and, in fact, they may have only come into therapy in the first place as they have reached the point of despair where life is unmanageable

To do this work requires a high level of commitment from both parties as the process unfolds.

There are many approaches to the area of addiction that can be used to help you, as an individual with your particular physical, psychological and emotional addictions, and to help you to set real, achievable goals and targets on your path to recovery.

Is it really necessary to work with a professional psychotherapist?

It’s your choice but it’s important to note that for over more than nineteen years I have:

  • Worked with people who have drug and alcohol related problems as part of an organisation as a psychotherapist with one-to-one clients and group work
  • Worked in drop-ins, helping clients with programmes around depression, anxiety and anger management, assisting individuals to work within their own addiction(s)
  • Successfully set up groups for people as part of the probation programme working with co-dependant people who have been affected by someone else’s addictive problems. Couple’s counselling is a very important part of the psychotherapy services that I offer.

Are you ready to deal with any addiction issues you may have? Enjoy it with clear vision and joy; share your happiness and fun with all your loved ones around you! For more information or to book an appointment you can phone Jacquie on 07733 454 790 or email