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Stress covers so much today from redundancy, grief of a loved one, facing living alone, work related issues with colleagues and being over stretched.

It’s our modern way of life so fast with so much to deal with, so much change in all aspects of our everyday lives.

Stress has activators to make us do things out of character, as we are not able to make clear decisions when stressed and we are so stressed we forget what it is like not to be, it becomes the normal state of our being.

There are ways that seem to be how we cope with this through drug prescribed and ilegal.  Drinking, sexual activities, gambling, retail therapy and many more but it is not the answer.  Together we can explore different routes and choices to get a healthy life style back. Call me or email on the website., take charge of your life and let go of things that no longer work for you.  Find the life that you want to live.

There are so many factors but here are a few Divorces, looking after children on your own as there is no one to help.  Caring for elderly or disabled parents and others, Job pressures with so many demands on us all to achieve and provide.

Talking to a friend who lives alone as a widow has a good job and finding that she is still grieving for her husband after 3 years and “the job she has is very stressful” were her words “and I have to cover for my colleague who is off on leave too”.  She said “I am ill and had two weeks off and could not function and if I stay home any more I will be on a final warning to lose my job”.  What do I do then, is this familiar to you, I am sure it’s in every day chats and conversations going on all the time. This is just an example of how stress can escalate in every area of our life until effects our health as well. There are ways to reduce this stress and get the life you would love to have.  There are many routes that are being investigated into prescription drugs and they cause a lot of other illnesses in life if taken on a regular basis. These are prescribed regularly for Stress; they help but are not the answer.

Call me now and let see how we can change things around for you, just a call away. I have been through my own journey last year and into this year and felt this would never have happened to me but I was knocked back and unable to work and have had to reinvent myself and what I do and how I go about it.  After 20 years in the counselling profession and helping others I had to start again and help myself so I have walked the talk as they say.  Life is challenging at times and there are people like myself who have trained professionally in this field so I can pass the knowledge on.  Working in many different areas as you will see on my website and still enjoying what I do and the changes that people make and the differences just a few changes can bring to you and create the life you desire.  Call me and see if I can help you too.