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In our modern, fast pace of life with ever changing challenges we all face every day.

Trauma, Stress, Depression, hopelessness, anxiety, and grief all come and lurk in the depths of our being.

With so many demands on us we try to overcome these and in the end often get a prescription of antidepressants to take the edge of how we feel away.

Yes I am aware that these can help us through a very sticky patch and help us to feel better after a while.

After going with a friend suffering from anxiety and hopelessness, and hearing from this empathetic doctor, who said this is not the cure.

You need to do therapy to get the root or core of the problem as this will not be a cure, it will just ease things.

The doctor also mentioned only a few organisations which she thought might help but are not here anymore with cut backs on funding.

Also recommended self help u tubes to motivate you, then I began to think you need some help and face to face help which we are not use to today as we are in the era of electronics.

We lead our lives in this field and this is challenging for me but determined to share my thoughts with you and all its challenges.

Trauma what is it?

Where did it come from?

How do you know you have or are suffering from it?

All these questions can round and round and you seem to never find the answer.

You can feel stressed, have anxiety just about anything can fall into this category, and you just cannot face anything.

Friends, family and colleagues just don’t get it, you are left with feeling, what’s wrong with me.

The answer could stem back to trauma, talking to someone a few days after they had experienced an accident in the car, which they were under the doctor for and had gone away for a few days.  They experienced the whole body in trauma and not able to walk or do much.  After having a chat they realized that they were not feeling that great and the incident had upset them a lot more than they thought which is where it stays in the background.

Being Human we are affected by life and what happens to us.

Triggers can occur through Music, smells, voices, TV with scenes of abuse rape and violence.

Any one of these can set of a trauma incident that lays dormant and affects us living a happy life.

Many of us without any judgement can bury it in the bottom of a glass, or a drug we take which can be prescribed or many others.

They do numb the pain but bring other problems to and then we live a life out of control, and can find ourselves in a very dark hole.

There are answers, you just need to reach out and get some help and learn how to move on wards and upwards to the live you know you deserve.

Contact me I am a survivor and I thrive in life and what this for you.